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Universal Financial Consultants have become leaders when positioning life insurance as a powerful asset class. Our programs, tools, resources, and marketing materials help advisors better prepare and present solutions, so clients easily understand and feel comfortable enough to move forward. We provide access to over 70 of the nation’s leading insurance carriers and shop those carriers for the absolute best options that will satisfy the clients’ individual needs.


UFC is committed to helping advisors remain equipped with the most innovative and efficient wealth creation and protection strategies available to all classes of clients.

Our constant quest of these strategies have produced incredible opportunities for advisors to provide more value to their best clients. Click below to learn more about our exclusive programs available to qualified clients looking to leverage their net-worth to create bigger growth with minimized risk.

Essential Expertise to communicate with clients.

Gone are the days when advisors and clients dreaded talking about death. Whether it be for Middle America or Ultra High-Net Worth families, our internal Expert’s Desk helps advisors stay up to date with the best insurance solutions available in the marketplace, that not only help provide protection, but provide opportunities for growth as well.

With access to over 70 of the nation’s leading insurance carriers, we shop for the absolute best options that will satisfy each client’s individual needs.

Popular Life Insurance Tools

Ethos Life Insurance Marketing, Quoting, and Application Tool
Term and GUL Quoting and Comparison Tool
Customized Index Universal Life Webpage Presentation with Client Videos and Interactive Tools
Premium Finance/Leveraged Life Insurance Marketing Material, Presentations, and Point-of-Sale Support

position the value of index universal life
with ufc’s premiumlife™ comparison report

We at UFC understand the importance of simplifying your story so your clients are not only more comfortable, but are also motivated to move forward with adding an IUL policy to their portfolio. 

We believe in the value of Index Universal Life policies and are thrilled to help our advisors express to their clients that life insurance doesn’t just have to be about death anymore…which makes it a lot easier to talk about!

When designed properly, an life insurance can be used as a powerful asset class to generate tax-free income in the future for income and healthcare needs, while still providing a benefit for the heirs. 

But, we also understand how difficult it can be to portray these benefits with pages and pages of confusing life insurance illustrations.

That is why our team developed a one-page summary page that helps you:

  • Compare the longevity of income from both a traditional taxable
    retirement account vs. an Index Universal Life (or PremiumLife™) policy
  • Calculate what return the taxable investment would have to produce
    in order to beat the IUL policy
  • Provide the total potential income from each investment strategy
    over retirement years
This exclusive report shows how the IUL almost always out-performs the traditional taxable savings strategy (depending on the client age and health rating) and helps open the client’s eyes to how the strategy may compliment their overall portfolio to help them meet their goals faster.

close more cases faster
with ufc’s exclusive sales tracks!

If you are still presenting annuity, life insurance, or premium finance concepts through pages and pages of confusing numbers and technical jargon in 10pt font, you (and your clients) are really missing out. 

Our annuity, IUL, and premium finance sales tracks are fully branded with your logo and colors and are password-protected for each client, a service we provide completely free for our partnered advisors. Watch this short video to see how they work!

Life Insurance