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Premium Financing

UFC’s President, Vincent Munno (A.K.A the Premium Financing Coach) has helped countless advisors effectively attract and capture the attention of Ultra High Net-Worth prospects through unique experiences and tailored education that “speaks their language”.

With his coaching, advisors have been able to elevate their credibility and put plans together that changed the lives of both the advisors AND their clients.

Achieve Your PremiumLife™ through Luxury Experience Prospecting.

Top Wealth Creation Strategies Most Advisors Don’t Know About.

Most wealthy individuals understand the importance of trust planning to ensure their businesses, estates, and heirs are appropriately set up for a smooth transfer of assets during periods of transition.

However, what most are missing out on are ways to use trust planning as a strategy to minimize their tax exposure, stay in control of their assets while they’re still alive, and maximize the legacy that is passed on to their heirs.

In pursuit of ensuring wealthy individuals have access to every strategy available to protect the wealth they worked so hard to build, Universal Financial Consultants trademarked the PremiumLife™ Plus strategy.

Traditionally called Premium Financing, this is advanced planning that helps business owners leverage their wealth to secure needed protection, at a fraction of the cost, while still generating returns comparable to other capitalistic ventures.

Whether your biggest clients are business owners, real estate investors, farmers, or venture capitalists, leveraged trust planning through Premium Financing with a PremiumLife™ Plus plan can provide the opportunity to create and protect more wealth without sacrificing control or cash flow.

Luxury Experience

Do you know wealthy prospects but aren’t sure about the best way to approach them? Our Luxury Experience Prospecting program has cracked the code for many advisors looking for a unique way to attract and capture the attention of their biggest clients.

If you have 5 or more relationships with which you know we could make a difference, let us help you plan an event that will get them lining up for a spot on your calendar. We’ll even fly out to present AND PAY! For ideas and success stories (including an event that turned one event into 7 figures) call 800-661-6596 TODAY!

annual policy
performance reviews

When it comes to Premium Financing, our team believes that the annual management of the policy is just as important, if not more important, than the original placement.

Ever year upon your client’s policy anniversary date, our Annual Renewals Team will prepare a detailed report for you to review with your client to show the illustrated projections vs. the actual performance, confirm if they are on track to hit or exceed the policy goals, and ensure the policy is still receiving the best loan rates and allocation allocations available.

Connect With One of Our Experts

Ready to learn more? Schedule a call to discuss your growth goals with one of our marketing experts. We’re excited to share our proven strategies for success and show you how to access our library of ready-to-go campaigns. One of our experts will be in touch within one business day.