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UFC Carriers’ Product Training Summary

Below is a list of our insurance carriers and the links to their product specific training courses that must be completed prior to soliciting business. On average, product training courses will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Allianz Life Insurance of North America

For Non-Appointed Producers

  • Go to
  • Click on LOG IN to login or register
  • Once logged in, select Enter Product Code on left toolbar
  • Copy/paste one of the following product codes:

For Appointed Producers

  • Go to
  • Click on Training, then Business Builder
  • Click on the appropriate product specific course for your business needs

For Premium Finance Business

American Equity

For Non-Appointed Producers

  • Go to
  • Complete required fields to register and login
  • Select a product training module from the menu and click on the Training tab under the product name and description
  • Please note: The Lifetime Income Benefit Rider is a separate training module that must also be completed for any product that includes this rider
  • After viewing the presentation, click the “x” in the upper right hand corner of the window to close the window and return to the menu
  • Select the Training Questions tab below the product name and description of the product you have just viewed
  • Answer the questions accordingly and click on the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page
  • You should see the word Completed in green next to the name of the product you completed training for

American General

  • Go to
  • Click Register or Login
  • Click Management Appointments and select AIG Annuities
  • Then at “Add Product Specific Training” screen, choose course that meets your business needs:
    • AIG Annuities – Fixed and Income Product-Specific Training (Formerly the Horizon Fixed Annuity Series)
      Course Description: Fixed, Deferred Income and Single-Premium Immediate Annuity Training
    • AIG Annuities – Index Annuity Product-Specific Training (I5281CB.4)
      Course Description: Power Protector Annuities Training
    • AIG Annuities – Index Annuity Product-Specific Training (I5281LS.3)
      Course Description: Power Select Plus Income and Power Select Builder Index Annuities Training


Training Site:

3 Products Available:

  • Compass Indexed Annuity
  • SPIA
  • SPDA

Athene (Formerly Aviva) Annuity Training Site

For Appointed & Non-Appointed Producers

Go to: and enter the product code for the product training is desired for

  • Ascent Accumulator 5,7 10 product code: Accum5710_2017
  • Ascent Accumulator 5,7 product code: Accum57_2017
  • Agility 7 & 10 product code: Agility710_2018
  • Agility 10 product code: Agility10_2018
  • Agility 7 product code: Agility7_2018
  • Max Rate product code: Maxrate_2017
  • Ascent Pro 7 product code: Pro7_2017
  • Ascent Pro 7 & 10 product code: Pro710_2017
  • Ascent Pro Bonus 7,10,15 product code: Probo_2017
  • SPIA product code: Spia_2016
  • Benefit 10 product code: B10_2014
  • Performance Elite product code: Performanceelite_2015
  • Protector 5, 7 product code: Protect57_2018

Atlantic Coast

  1.  Go to our Agent Portal ( and click on the Trainings icon under the useful tools section at the bottom of the page. An agent number is not required in order to login and complete the trainings. 
  2. You will be directed to the home page of our training site. Click on the LOGIN button and use your e-mail address and SSN, TIN, or Agent Number (if you have already been assigned one) to login. 
  3. If your e-mail address is not registered on our training site, you will be directed to the Registration page. Fill out all necessary information and click SUBMIT to register. 
  4. Once registration is complete, the courses page will populate where you can select the course(s) to be completed. 
  5. Once required training is complete, certification will be automatically recorded in our system and will be available to print. 


  • Once your contracting paperwork has been submitted, you will receive an email from Aspida inviting you to join the agency’s roster. See attached Onboarding Guides for the step by step process.

ASPIDA Onboarding Guide

Columbus Life

Training covers all Annuity Products

Go to:

Log in using Auto-Registration or Self-Registration.

  • For Self-Registration: Enter Portal code is WSFG in the “New Users” box, select “Create Account.
  • For Auto-Registration: Carrier will have sent you an email which will provide the login information.

Please click here for more detailed instructions.

F&G Annuities

  • Begin registration by logging onto:

    • If you are an Active Agent, you can login with your normal credentials.
    • If you are Not Yet Active, please use the Not Yet Active login section.

Global Atlantic Annuity

*Required in all states.

New to RegEd?

  1. Begin registration by logging onto:

  2. After Registering, select the state in which you are selling or plan to sell annuity products. Supply the necessary information and Save

  3. Advance to Accessing Product Training

Already Registered?

  1. Log-in to RegEd with your User ID and Password

  2. Advance to Accessing Product Training

  3. Accessing Product Training

  4. Once logged-in to RegEd, you will be at the Producer Status screen. Scroll down to the Carrier-Specific Product Training section

  5. The training for Global Atlantic Annuity Product Training should be displayed. Select the training that you would like to take and click Go to Requirements

  6. If the training is not displayed, click Enter Product Code on the left side of the screen. Enter the code for the product you will be selling then click Submit

    • FTFCARE ForeCare Fixed Annuity with Long-Term Care Benefits

    • INC150 Income 150+ SE Fixed Index Annuity

    • SecureForeAll SecureFore Fixed Annuities

    • ALLFIA2 ForeAccumulation II and ForeIncome II Fixed Index Annuities

    • ForeCertain ForeCertain Income Annuity

  7. Review the Training Standard page and click Proceed at the bottom of the screen

  8. The Training Presentation will start

  9. Complete the training, read through the disclosures, and select ATTEST

  10. Complete training verification by clicking A-Yes and then Continue

  11. After the course evaluation (this is not required), your Certificate of Completion will appear. Print your Certificate and keep it for your records. RegEd electronically notifies Global Atlantic that you have completed the training.

IMPORTANT: In order to satisfy your product training, you must read through the disclosures and ATTEST.
This is a necessary step in all states to satisfy your carrier-specific annuity product training.

Great American

Training Site:

  • If you do business in a non-NAIC state, GAFRI will require that you take their generic
    Fixed Annuity Sales Certification course prior to soliciting business.

Guaranty Income Life Insurance Company (GILCO)

Training Site:

  • Product Training Code: GRL20

Integrity Life / National Integrity

Product Training through Kaplan at

CLICK HERE for detailed instructions

Kansas City Life

Please click the link below to register and view the training video in order to complete the Kansas City Life Product-Specific Training Component. For technical questions, please contact Misty Wilcox on 8228 or Scott Allard on 8515.

Training Site:

Legacy Marketing/Americo

If you are not currently contracted with Legacy, you will need to click “Register Guest Access”. The guest access code is Legacy 12.

Training Site:

Lincoln Financial

Training Site:

Lincoln only has 1 course that covers all its fia & fa:

  • Course: Lincoln Fixed Annuities [FA .6.0]

Products Covered:
Lincoln OptiChoice; Lincoln OptiChoice NY; Lincoln New Directions; Lincoln OptiPoint; LTC Fixed Annuity; My Guarantee Plus; Income Immediate Annuity **Covers Income Edge Rider; Deferred Income Solutions Annuity; & Optiblend

Life of the Southwest / National Life Group

For Non-Appointed Producers

Please request the carrier 800-906-3310 #2 #3 to send you an email with the Carrier Specific Training PDF. Once you read the PDF you will need to respond back to the carrier, copying in, informing the carrier you have read the PDF.

For Appointed Producers

You will receive a welcome letter with instructions of how to log into to National Life’s website at:

  • Account User ID: Provided to you in welcome letter if this is your 1st time logging in.
  • Password: If you have already logged in, use the password you created. If this is the first time you are logging in, your password is the lowercase initial of your first name, the last four digits of your SSN, the uppercase abbreviation of your resident state, and a dollar sign. Example: m1234VT$

Once you’ve logged in, click here to view or download a PDF of detailed directions on how to complete product training.

Minnesota Life

Training Site:

Please note:

  • First-time users need to register
  • Quest CE offers continuing education as well as product training – to go directly to the product training select Skip Step 1
  • Select your Broker/Dealer from the dropdown list, then choose the carrier. The carrier name is listed as Minnesota Life – Securian.
  • Product training descriptions are provided to help determine which training should be taken.
  • Advisors must complete the content (product training) and the exam (one question attestation) in order for the training to be completed
  • You’ll need to complete the annuities training before getting client signatures.

National Western Life Insurance Company

Training Site:

  • Click Register or Login
  • Click Management Appointments to add National Western Life Insurance Company to your profile
  • Then under Add Product Specific Training, select “National Western Life Product Training Course – 01”

North American Company for Life & Health

  • North American Annuity product training is completed through RegEd’s Annuity training platform and can be accessed via the following link: If you need assistance with registration or logging in, please call the RegEd Help Desk at 800-334-8322, option 2.


    Once in RegEd, you may see North American listed as an affiliated company under which you can review and/or complete Annuity product training. If North American is not yet listed, you can still complete the product training by entering the Course IDs located here:


    23SFGNAC_03 North American Charter® Plus (fixed index annuity)

    23SFGNAC_02 NAC Control. XSM (fixed index annuity)

    22SFGNAC_02 Income Pay ProSM (fixed index annuity)

    22SFGNAC_01 NAC BenefitSolutions® (fixed index annuity)

    21SFGNAC_02 NAC Guarantee Plus® (multi-year guarantee annuity)

    20SFGNAC_02 Performance Choice® (fixed index annuity)

    20SFGNAC_01 NAC VersaChoiceSM (fixed index annuity)


    15SFGNAC_18 North American Income (single premium immediate annuity)


  • Training Site:
    ** Click here for NAC Website Login Instructions **
  • Click on the “Training Center” on the top navigational bar
  • Click on “IUL Certification Program”
  • Read the 5 modules on Indexed Universal Life
  • Then click on Exam to take the 25 question exam
  • Once you have successfully answered all questions correctly, your results will be automatically fed to NAC. It is important that you sign in under your USERNAME to get credit for completion of this exam. Print out the Certificate for your records

One America/State Life

*Required in all states.

Oxford Life

Oxford has its own e-contracting system that includes the product training. UFC must send the producer an invite to the system via email to start the contracting process with Oxford and to complete required product training.

Phoenix Life

*Required in all states.


  • Go to
  • In upper right, log in using your email address and password you previously set
    • If this is your first visit to the site, click “Register online” in center right in the “Producers Get Started Section” and follow system prompts
  • To add applicable product training courses, click “Enter Product Code” in left menu bar
  • Enter the code that corresponds to the product of interest
    • Protective Asset Builder Indexed Annuity: FIAPAB
    • Protective Income Builder Indexed Annuity: FIAPIB
    • Protective Indexed Annuity II: FIA2M
    • Protective Indexed Annuity NY: FIANY
    • Protective ProPayer Income Immediate Annuity: PROSPIA
    • Protective Secure Saver Fixed Annuity: PSS
    • Protective Guaranteed Income Indexed Annuity: FIAPGI
  • Your courses appear under “Carrier-Specific Product Training” on your Producer Status Screen
    • Click “Go to Requirement” next to course of interest to open course.
    • Review information and use arrows at bottom of screen advance through material
    • Please note there is no audio in these presentations
    • You can click the Notes button for additional details on each page
    • At the end of the training, click “Attest”, Click “A Yes” and Continue.
    • Survey is optional. Click “Submit” at bottom of screen to finish
    • Your Producer Status screen will now indicate “Completed” and your completion data will be automatically transmitted to Protective Life.

Reliance Standard

*Required in all states

Training Site:

Product Code: RSLI_PST_03

Step-by-Step Instructions: CLICK HERE

Security Benefit

  • Training Site: (works best with Internet Explorer)
  • Contracting must be submitted prior to taking the course
  • Fundamentals of Deferred Annuities Course Code 11SB_16
  • Lighthouse Select Course Code 11SB_02


To complete the Annuity Product Specific Training for New Agents, follow the steps below:

  • Go to our homepage ( and click on the Agent’s tab at the top of the page. Then click on Annuity Product Specific Training for Agents link on the right side of the page. You may also access the site directly by clicking on the link below:
  • You will be directed to the home page of our training site. Click on the Register button to create an account.
  • Fill out all of the required fields. When prompted, enter the Access Code. The code is Agent1405 and is case sensitive.
  • Once you have completed registration, you will be taken to the courses page where you can select the course you would like to complete.
  • Once you have completed the required training, your certification will be automatically recorded in our system.

The Standard

Click here for The Standard product training instructions. The just-in-time product code is SIC-SIC

Transamerica Life


Download, Sign & Return this document to

Symetra Training Link

  • Appointed agents can use Reg Ed or Kaplan tab
  • Non-Appointed agents must use the Reg Ed tab (works best with Internet Explorer)
    (it will ask for a portal code = symetra)

United of Omaha/Mutual of Omaha

Training Site:

Agent must have active code to access training.

Agent must sign this PDF prior to dating any business.