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UFC is committed to helping advisors stay on top of the latest market trends and top products that will benefit their clients most. Our resources and marketing materials help advisors prepare and present simple, powerful, comprehensive solutions and our internal Expert’s Desk is always available.

Adding an Element of Safe Growth to Every Retirement Plan.

Annuities almost always have a place in a successful retirement plan and have improved immensely over the years. Clients can take advantage of upgraded features and powerful indexing strategies that provide benefits demanded by the marketplace.

These features can allow funds to participate in the upside of the market without participating in market losses or generate guaranteed income that has the potential to increase each year. Other features can add accelerated and enhanced benefits that bring peace of mind when worried about preparing for income in retirement and increasing healthcare costs.

Fresh Concepts with Enhanced Benefits:

Guaranteed Lifetime Income
Increasing Paycheck
Exclusive Return Lock-In Features
Downside Protection
Premium & Performance Bonuses
LTC Hybrids

close more cases faster!

If you are still presenting annuity, life insurance, or premium finance concepts through pages and pages of confusing numbers and technical jargon in 10pt font, you (and your clients) are really missing out. 

The UFC team has created a tool that has quickly become a fan favorite amongst our advisors. 

Our annuity, IUL, and premium finance sales tracks are landing pages with client-friendly videos and interactive tools that help better explain the benefits of each concept, help address and questions and objections that may come your way, and result in you feeling more confident when providing recommendations. 

These landing pages are fully branded with your logo and colors and are password-protected for each client, a service we provide completely free for our partnered advisors.

place more cases faster!

Can we agree that there is just TOO much paperwork involved in annuity applications? Even if you think you covered everything, they almost ALWAYS come back asking for more information, delaying a case and causing frustration. Not anymore! UFC’s Firelight capabilities tell you exactly what is required and highlight what is missing so you can dramatically increase your “in-good-order” submissions. Login to the agent portal for more details and information on how to get your own FREE account.

Connect With One of Our Experts

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